COVID Tracking Project

Data visualization for a non-profit organization to track COVID19 testing & outcomes across the United States

COVID Tracking Project
COVID Tracking Project

Personal Dashboard

I was looking for ways to apply my skillset to the growing COVID19 problem in March of 2020. The most useful dataset I could find at the time was from The COVID Tracking Project because they not only provided case counts but also test numbers.

100 cases/day with 100 tests/day in one state is VERY different than 100 cases/day with 1,000 tests/day in another state.

I built my dashboard using:

The COVID Tracking Project

Through Twitter my dashboard was noticed by one of the founders of The COVID Tracking Project and I was recruited to join an effort to help step up data visualization on their official website.

  • Helped create a Visualization Guide with example graphics & tips on how to clearly & accurately portray the data
  • I built custom D3 chart components to display our data at a National & State level and are viewed thousdands of times every day and have been Tweet by Nate Silver
  • Created a framework for building Scrollytelling experiences on the website.

Technologies used