An app for turning your credit card & bank transactions into Splitwise expenses


Yet another feature for someone else's application :)


I hated the manual step of copying credit card transaction details (price, location, date etc.) from my statement over to splitwise for meals shared with my gf & other I built a solution to this problem.


Reconcile uses Plaid to acccess user's credit card & bank transactions and displays them in a React based web application. The user can then select specific transactions and which friend or group on splitwise to split them with.

Technologies used

  • React
  • Redux
  • Firebase

    • Firestore (database)
    • Functions - to perform 3rd party data fetching & also create a webhook that listens to new transactions as they come in.
  • Plaid API & Webhhoks
  • Netlify
  • Splitwise (API)